Adult Orthodontics

This page contains information about adult orthodontics. You can visit the page for detailed information about Orthodontics .

Orthodontics, known as a treatment applied to children for many years, paves the way for adults to have beautiful smiles.

The most important factor in the prevalence of adult orthodontics is the prolongation of human life and the increase in quality of life. Today, 60-70 years of age are accepted as middle age, these people want to be comfortable in their social life.

Thanks to the advancing technology, first clear braces were produced, then lingual (internally inserted) braces were developed. The last point that technology has reached at the moment is the transparent plaque technique produced by brands such as invisalign and orthero. The only limiting factor in adult orthodontics is excessive bone loss due to gum disease.

Just as a tree cannot withstand forces if there is not enough soil, teeth can be adversely affected by orthodontic forces in case of excessive gum recession. This situation is seen in a very small part of the society. Generally speaking, almost all of the population can be said to be suitable for orthodontic treatment.

Another factor in the prevalence of adult orthodontics is that the primary teeth in the appropriate place increase the success of the prosthetic application, both in the need for prosthetic treatment due to tooth loss and in aesthetic applications. If the teeth can be moved to their proper places with orthodontic treatment before a crown is applied on a broken or excessively damaged tooth, the prosthesis to be made will be much more beautiful and functional.

When a tooth is extracted in cases such as caries or inflammation, other teeth move towards the extraction space over time, and then it becomes difficult or even impossible to implant in that space. Successful implants can be made by adjusting tooth gaps with orthodontic treatment.