Smile Design


Smiling is one of the most important criteria in terms of both social status and self-confidence. The structure and color of the teeth are very important in smile aesthetics. Tooth color depends on two basic conditions. The first is the innate (genetic) background of color. Tooth color varies greatly from person to person. The tooth color of people with fair skin is more yellowish than those with dark skin. Some genetic diseases and external factors can also cause discoloration by defecting the tooth enamel.

The second criteria that determines tooth color is acquired color changes. These are usually caries, dyes such as coffee and cigarettes, too much fluoride in tap water, some drugs used, some inherited diseases (Amelogenesis imperfecta, etc.) are very effective in tooth structure and color. Root canal treated teeth can also change color over time.

The first method that our patients who want to correct this situation will apply is teeth whitening. In our patients who apply to our Atasehir dental clinic for teeth whitening, first of all, the cause and source of the discoloration are determined. The first goal is to eliminate the cause of the discoloration of the teeth.

If the discoloration of the teeth is caused by external factors, the teeth are cleaned first. Teeth whitening method is decided according to the preference of the doctor and the patient. The options for teeth whitening are office or home bleaching. Office type teeth whitening is applied by the dentist in our Atasehir dental clinic and is usually done in 2 sessions of 45 minutes each. On the other hand, for home bleaching, specially produced tooth molds and teeth whitening drugs are given to our patients. Teeth whitener is applied to these molds before sleeping at night and attached to the teeth. According to the recommendation of the doctor who will do the teeth whitening, office type teeth whitening can be used in combination with home teeth whitening.

At the end of this process, which will be done in one or a few sessions, the teeth will open up to 2-3 shades. Afterwards, the task of our patient is to stay away from foods with a lot of coloring, such as coffee, mustard and cigarettes, and to pay close attention to dental hygiene.

In cases where the teeth lose their vitality due to microbial factors such as impacts and caries, a dark gray-purple color may occur in the teeth. In this case, root canal treatment is necessary. Since the discoloration in these teeth originates from the inside of the tooth, whitening is also done from the inside of the tooth. This is called internal teeth whitening. For this purpose, the whitening agent is applied to the part of the tooth that is opened for filling and root canal treatment, and the teeth are whitened. This can be supplemented with teeth whitening from the outside of the tooth. At our Atasehir dental clinic, you can get information about teeth whitening from our dentists.