What is Clear Aligner Treatment?

Clear Aligner Treatment

The use of fixed braces in the orthodontic treatment of adults has been a problem for some people for a long time. The appearance of these braces caused some to stay away from orthodontic treatment. Although orthodontic treatments are often associated with braces, the demand for orthodontics without braces, and the development of computer technology and 3D design in recent years, opened the way for the production of clear aligners that are used for orthodontics.

The first in the world to introduce this form of Clear Aligner Treatment is the organization named invisalign. There are also clear aligners produced under the Orthero brand in our country. The basic principle of these aligners is to divide the movements to be applied to the teeth into small steps, to print each step as a dental model with a 3D printer and to produce clear aligners of special hardness and thickness on these models. The sensitivity of the clear aligners produced is up to 20 microns, that is, they can make very sensitive tooth movements.

When these aligners are used, they move the teeth towards the desired place. The service life of each aligner is between 1-2 weeks. Depending on the desired movement, up to 10-80 aligners are used. Aligners should be used for more than 20 hours a day.

The advantage of clear aligners over braces is that they can be moved for meals, meetings, business meetings, etc, teeth cleaning can be done more easily and it is almost invisible. Treatment with clear aligners also has some disadvantages compared to fixed braces. The most important of these is that in certain cases, it works slower than the braces and is not sensitive enough in very small tooth movements. After the orthodontic treatment with clear aligners, the protective orthodontic phase is started to prevent relapse of the teeth. In the meantime, protective fixed orthodontic retainers are attached to the inner sides of the teeth, and removable retainers similar to clear aligners but made for protective purposes are produced. These protectors are used according to the orthodontist's instructions.

With the developing technology, these disadvantages are decreasing day by day and it is considered that clear aligners will be the first choice in orthodontic treatment in the future. Orthodontic treatments (braces and clear plaque treatment) At our dental clinic in Atasehir, Orthodontics specialist Dr. Burak Aksu and Dr. irem Aksu are looking forward to informing you about invisalign treatment. You can apply to our clinics in Atasehir and Capa to get detailed information about clear aligner treatment or braces treatment. As Atasehir Orthodontic Clinic, we will be happy to see you in our clinic.