Dental Implants

A dental implant, simply defined, is a tooth root made of titanium that replaces the extracted tooth.

After the eruption of permanent teeth is completed at the age of 12-13 years, the teeth are constantly worn out due to external effects. Teeth that have been neglected for a long time cannot be saved and can be extracted in some cases. The healthiest method of eliminating tooth deficiency is to apply a dental implant. Dental implants are produced in the closest way to a human's real tooth, and they imitate the tooth aesthetically and functionally.

During the implant application, the same anesthesia used in tooth extraction is applied, it is performed in a much more controlled and comfortable way compared to tooth extraction. The application usually takes half an hour for a single tooth and 15 minutes for additional teeth. After the application, our patient walks out of the clinic and returns to daily life. Although bruises may occur in rare cases, there is usually no problem other than mild pain on the next day of the application. Immediately after the implant application, the gums heal within 3-5 days and become completely healthy. In our Atasehir Dental Clinic implant division, this treatment is performed by a team of prosthetists, dentists and maxillofacial surgeons.

After the dental implant application, teeth can be made on the same day, but these teeth are placed for aesthetic purposes rather than chewing. Chewing with these teeth can damage the dental implant. It may be necessary to wait 2-3 months for the implant to fully integrate to the bone. This decision will be made by the prosthodontist. During this period, the gums are healthy as if they had never been implanted. The complete union of the dental implant to the bone is called osseointegration.

Implant application can be done at any age from the age of 18, depending on the growth and development of the person. Implant application may not be performed in cases such as the use of certain drugs such as uncontrolled diabetes, hormonal disorders, immune system diseases (immunosuppression). In today's conditions, the success rate of implant is around 98-99%, and with the developing technology and treatment techniques, it has become an extremely useful treatment. Implant treatment is done in the same way in our Atasehir implant center.

In the case of total edentulism, where all the teeth have been extracted, an implant is not made for each lost tooth, it is possible to make a fixed prosthesis by making 6-8 implants in the lower and upper jaws. In people with healthy jaw bones, this number of dental implants is enough to support a denture. In our Atasehir implant center, implant treatment called all on four implant treatment is also applied by a prosthesis specialist and a maxillofacial surgeon. All on four is preferred in relatively older people, when normal dental implants cannot be made and there is not enough bone in the jawbone. In this treatment, special implants different from those used in normal dental implants are used, and they are specially placed in areas where there is healthy bone in the jawbone. You can come to our Atasehir Dental Clinic and get information about implant application from our prosthodontist and maxillofacial surgeon.