Burak Aksu - Dentist

Dentist is a specialist who graduated from school of dentistry with 5 years of education and specialized in the protection and treatment of oral and dental health.

Dentists can receive additional training after graduation to specialize, just like in other branches of medicine. There are various specialties such as orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, endodontics (Canal treatment), pedodontics (Pediatric dentistry), prosthesis specialization. After dentistry, you become a specialist dentist with an additional 4-year training in faculties and a specialist certificate is issued by the Ministry of Health.

Dr Burak AKSU graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry in 2000, and was accepted to doctorate and specialization training at Istanbul University (Çapa) Faculty of Dentistry in the same year.

He was appointed as a lecturer in 2001 and started to work in the clinic where multidisciplinary dentistry treatments are performed, with the title of orthodontist and doctor of science (Ph.D) in 2007.


Correction of dental and skeletal disorders in our teeth and jaws is called orthodontic treatment, or braces, among the people. Although most people think that orthodontics specialists only correct the crooked teeth, in fact, the jaw bones, even the bones that make up our head, and the head and neck muscles are of interest to the orthodontist.

Smile Design

People now apply to dentists in order to have a more beautiful smile with healthy teeth. This demand has led to the emergence of the concept called smile design. All the necessary touches for the teeth and gums to be in a fixed and functional harmony and aesthetics are called smile design.


Çocuk diş hekimliğiyle ilgilenen uzmanlık dalına pedodonti denir. Pedodontist, dişlerin çıkmaya başladığı 6. aydan, daimi dişlenmenin bittiği 12-13 yaşa kadar çocukların diş sağlığıyla ilgilenir.

Dental Treatments

Teeth that are not brushed regularly and correctly begin to decay after a while. As these cavities grow, they move towards the middle part of the tooth called the pulp, which contains capillary blood vessels and nerves. The progression of decayed teeth can be stopped by making aesthetic tooth filling.