Endodontic Treatment

Teeth that are not brushed regularly and correctly begin to decay after a while. As these cavities grow, they move towards the middle part of the tooth called the pulp, which contains capillary blood vessels and nerves. The progression of decayed teeth can be stopped by making aesthetic tooth filling. As a result of bacteria reaching the part called pulp, where the vascular nerve package of the tooth is located, through dental caries or cracks on the enamel surface, inflammation occurs in the tooth. This inflammation progresses to the root of the tooth, causing a feeling of pain and swelling. In this case, root canal treatment is needed. Root canal treatment is not done only because of tooth decay. Root canal treatment can also be applied to teeth that are broken due to trauma or, in some cases, to teeth that will be covered with zirconium crowns.

Root canal treatment is basically cleaning the root canals of the teeth from germs and filling them with a special canal filling material to prevent the re-entry of germs.

Root canal treatment can be completed in a single session, or it may take several months in cases where there is inflammation and cyst at the root tip. During this period, the inflammation in the root of the tooth is tried to be dried with special drugs and the destroyed bone tissue is rebuilt. In teeth with root canal treatment, if the visible part of the tooth in the mouth is intact, the tooth is repaired with a filling or veneer. Although root canal treatment is performed by dentists in some cases, it should be preferred that this treatment be performed by an endodontist in multi-rooted teeth that have previously undergone root canal treatment and are problematic. Re-treatment of teeth that have previously had root canal treatment is called endodontic retreatment. In our Atasehir endodontic clinic, root canal treatment and retreatment are performed by an endodontist.

Teeth that require root canal treatment are usually decayed and generally ruined teeth that cause a lot of material loss. These teeth usually require onlay, inlay or zirconium coating. In order for the root canal treated tooth to carry the veneer, a rod made of metal or fiber, called a post, is placed on the root of the tooth. By using this post as an anchor point, a dental infrastructure is created in the mouth and a coating is applied on it. Zircon, a tissue-friendly material, is generally used in the coating.

There is a false belief among the people that the nerves of the teeth that undergo root canal treatment are killed, thus shortening their lifespan. Due to this false belief, some of our patients delay the treatment of their decayed teeth, which causes larger dental infections. In this case, the work of the endodontist who will perform the treatment becomes more difficult and the success of the treatment decreases. In our Atasehir clinic, in cases where root canal treatment or retreatment is required, 3D tomography devices are also used to examine tooth roots and 3D imaging, which cannot be seen with normal x-rays, is performed. In this way, the endodontist can see the root anomalies in the tooth that needs root canal treatment and can reach all canals. In this way, root canal treatment is also more successful.