What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a tooth correction treatment using clear aligners. Invisalign treatment was developed after adults demanded orthodontic treatment in a way that would not be noticed from the outside. In this treatment, metal or porcelain attachments called brackets are not placed to the teeth surface. Instead, a clear aligner is used that surrounds the teeth. This aligner is about 1 mm thick and is almost invisible.

When you decide a clear aligner treatment, first step is to check all tooth and make needed treatment like tooth scaling, fillings ect. Once top dental health is reached, materials as photograps and intraoral dental scans are collected. All treatment plan and procedure are created on virtual environment. Once the final occlusion is reached, desired number of clean aligners are produced and mailed to the orthodontist.

Clear aligners must be used 22 hours a day, except eating and drinking. After you have your meal, teeth must be brushed and aligners must be worn. Aligners are changed every week to keep the teeth moving, until the target is reached. If you want to have your best smile with aligner treatment, please visit us at our Atasehir Orthodontics Clinic for consultation.