Dental Treatments


After the dental caries are cleaned, they are filled with a high-strength and light-curing material called composite. This is called dental filling. The advantage of composite filling is that it is done in the same session and it is relatively aesthetic.

In recent years, restorations called inlays made by scraping from ceramic blocks in a laboratory environment have come to the fore. Due to modern technology, onlays are now prepared digitally. After the decay is cleaned, the model is prepared by taking measurements or using a 3D scanner with the digital measurement method. The device, which is capable of 3D engraving, called Cerec, prepares the part in the form of a filling from zirconia blocks. The prepared piece is adhered to the caries-free area with special adhesives.

The advantage of this method is that there are no shrinkage and polymerization problems seen in composite fillings, the edge compatibility is very good and no coloration is observed in the long term.