Orthodontics for Kids

This page contains information about pediatric orthodontics. You can visit the page for detailed information about Orthodontics.

The first examination age for orthodontics was determined as 6 years old by the World Association of Orthodontists. The reason for this is that permanent dentition is starting to develop at this age. Until this age, children should preferably be followed by a pedodontist, or by a dentist.

The most common orthodontic problem in children is the forward movement of the permanent teeth due to the premature extraction of the deciduous molars and the occupation of the future teeth. In this case, fixed or removable space maintainers should be made.

If your child didn’t have an orthodontic evaluation until all permanent teeth had emerged, he or she might need teeth pulled to correct the crowding or more extensive straightening to even the spacing between teeth.

In cases where permanent teeth are perfectly erupted, braces can be placed. Functional orthodontic treatment is considered if there is mismatch in the jaws or orthopedic problems during primary dentition.

One of the most common mistakes is waiting for all the teeth to erupt before taking the children to the orthodontist's control. This is absolutely wrong behavior. Orthodontic control in children should begin at an early age.

If there is an orthopedic problem in children, it is too late for skeletal correction if they are expected to be 12-13 years old when all their teeth have erupted. To repeat, all children should be seen by a pedodontist or orthodontist from the age of 2-3.

Even if your child’s teeth look really straight, there can be subtle issues that only an orthodontist can detect. By pinpointing problems with the jaw, facial structure or teeth when your child is young and still growing, we can use appliances to guide their facial growth and development, which is known as dentofacial orthopedics.

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