Smile Design

What is Smile Design?

People now apply to dentists in order to have a more beautiful smile with healthy teeth. This demand has led to the emergence of the concept called smile design. All the necessary touches for the teeth and gums to be in a fixed and functional harmony and aesthetics are called smile design.

Dental Implants

A dental implant, simply defined, is a tooth root made of titanium that replaces the extracted tooth. Dental implants are produced in the closest way to a human's real tooth, and they imitate the tooth aesthetically and functionally. During the implant application, the same anesthesia used in tooth extraction is applied.

Digital Dentistry

This was followed by the development of digital photography, and computerized smile designs using face and tooth photographs. In this way, people can see their post-treatment expectations in advance and facilitate the doctor-technician relationship.

Pink Aesthetics

This is a very obvious picture of a gum infection. This can start with a simple gingivitis and develop into deep infections that can reach the bone holding the tooth. The most troublesome conditions in terms of pink aesthetics are the gums that are deformed due to infections.


Today, dental veneers, which are similar to natural tooth enamel and formed in layers, are used. The most commonly used of these is zirconium. Zirconium veneers are light-permeable and can reflect the color of the underlying natural tooth.

Dental Bonding

The shape and color of the teeth can be recreated by the dentist, just like making a sculpture, with tooth color composite. In the bonding technique, no abrasion is made on the teeth. The appearance of the teeth changes within hours, there is no need for anesthesia during the procedure and no pain is felt.


The first method that our patients who want to correct this situation will apply is teeth whitening. In our patients who apply to our Atasehir dental clinic for teeth whitening, first of all, the cause and source of the discoloration are determined. The first goal is to eliminate the cause of the discoloration of the teeth.