Pediatric dentistry is defined as the practice of preventive oral care in children from birth through adolescence. The pedodontist observes the dentition from the eruption of the primary teeth, takes measures to protect the teeth when necessary, and performs treatments.

Primary dentition usually starts at 6 months after birth and continues until 3 years of age. There is no change between the ages of 3-6. This stage is called the primary dentition period. From the age of 6-7, the milk teeth begin to change and the mixed dentition period is entered. This period lasts until the age of 13-14, when all milk teeth are replaced.

The common misconception among the public is that milk teeth will change, so it is not necessary to treat them. The task of milk teeth is to maintain the child's functional activities such as nutrition and speech, and to act as a pioneer in the development of the jaws. For this reason, the health of milk teeth should be taken care of at least as much as permanent teeth.